There are more Frequently Asked Questions to be added here. In the meantime, contact us with your questions via our contact page.

How do I get to my charter? What flights do I need? Can I get accommodation if needed?
Check our page on Getting to Your Charter.
I’m coming – what happens when I get to Medan?
See our Arrival Information for Guests page.
What are the waves like during the off-season?
Check our page on Seasonal Surf Conditions in the Banyaks.
What do I need to bring?
Basically, you need surfboards, boardshorts, spare wax/legropes/fins/equipment, reef boots/booties, sun protection, towel, long shirt/pants for mainland insect protection, insect repellent, something to read (or DVDs/USB media though we have quite a selection), an ipod or similar if you want to play some music (though we have plenty on board), painkillers/personal first aid (though there is a first aid kit on board), seasickness tablets if you get seasick, some duty free spirits (1L max allowed into Indonesia) if you drink. Life is pretty simple out there but there are no shops so you can’t buy anything you leave behind! If you like to fish, some lures / tackle are always appreciated.All bedding and a towel is provided. Bring a 16GB+ USB stick or buy onboard if you’d like to get photos from the trip – we usually put everyone’s shots together at the end (note – the trip does not promise photo documentation as part of the package although we usually get a few shots of you – if you want full documentation of your trip we recommend booking our man Nobu Fuku, contact us for details on having professional footage).
Do I need to take anti-malarials?
You should make an informed decision on vaccinations and medications such as anti-malarials, based on professional medical advice. Medan is a large city without significant documented cases of malaria. Out on the boat, the main anchorage at Bangkaru / Treasure Island is mosquito-free. However, other islands in the Banyaks have do have night-time malarial mosquitos. We keep sleeping areas sealed and air-conditioned. Most of our guests do not take anti-malarial medication but this is a personal decision you should make based on medical advice. Be aware that Medan and the Sumatran mainland has daytime mosquitos that carry dengue fever, for which there is no preventative medication. Bring high-quality insect repellent, appropriate clothing and stay covered up when in the city.
Is there cellphone coverage?
There is little cellphone coverage in the Banyak Islands. If you have a phone operating on the Telkomsel network you may occasionally get signal to send an SMS at certain points around Tuangku, but it’s best if you don’t rely on it. Freedom from the cellphone is one of the benefits of a Banyak trip!The phone number for the satellite phone on board the Seriti (if you need to be contacted urgently) is +881631636278. Text messages to this number can be sent via You can also make or receive calls on this number to stay in contact with family or business, though be aware that satellite call charges can be expensive.

Is alcohol available?
Although it is difficult to purchase alcohol in Aceh and much of Sumatra, we can pre-order beer and spirits for you. Basic spirits are available at USD50/bottle. Beer  is $40/carton (24 pack). You are allowed to bring one litre of alcohol into Indonesia, though if you have purchased more in Indonesia we are happy for you to bring it on board.
Can I charge my ipod/phone/camera etc.?
Yes, we have generators running throughout the day/night and plenty of power points in your room. Bring a travel electricity adaptor for the European-style two pin plug – we have adaptors on board but you might need one on land as well.