The Surf

The Banyak Islands are one of the last great surf frontiers in Indonesia. The Banyaks are far less likely to encounter groups of charter boats than the Mentawais and other Indonesian locations. There are only four charter boats based full time in the area, compared to over 50 for the Mentawais (boats do occasionally come up from Nias or the Mentawais – but the 40+hr journey usually keeps them away).

The Seriti is owned and captained by Katsuyoshi Suzuki. Suzuki an Indo’ surf pioneer who has been running surf charters out of North Sumatra for over 15 years. His experience and Knowledge of the Banyak Islands surf breaks is second to none. Suzuki’s number one priority is to locate our guests at the best break in the area, given current weather/ swell conditions. Our onboard Surf Guide (Brenno) will help the guests with information, tips and local knowledge of each break to help you get the most out of each and every surfing session. Check our Seasonal Surf Conditions page for info on why the Banyaks are a great off-peak destination!  Only mother nature knows what waves you’ll get, but Surf Banyak will make sure you have the best of what’s on offer.

Here are a few of the main breaks:

TREASURE ISLAND/BANGKARU: “The Point” – The southern tip of Bangkaru, known to be one of the best right-hand point breaks in Indonesia, offering up to four mesmerising barrels a wave with a nice almond-shaped rippable face. This is one of the jewels in the crown – sheer Indo perfection running a few hundred yards down a perfectly shaped reef. Always a favourite among guests as it satisfies all abilities. A taste of “Treasures” has you hooked for years to come. The Indicators also turn on in larger swells, as does Minis on the inside, and look out for Gorillas further down the bay: an untamed right-hand beast that is rarely surfed and will sort out anyone’s ego.


cobraCOBRAS – A world-class left-hander which can produce an epic 8-10 second barrel or nice rippable face depending on swell direction. Cobras’ clean blue lines peel down the reef into a channel which provides a perfect photo opportunity. Opposite is Warren’s – that can deliver a fun right-hand peak depending on conditions finishing on this spectacular white sandy beach.


TURTLES – A fun and playful left-hand peak at this beautiful location that is the heart of the turtle nesting area on Bangkaru. A great take-off and workable wall which depending on swell direction can produce a nice barrel also. Swell magnet.


CLARETS / LOLOK POINT / BAY OF PLENTY LEFTS: – A beautiful long left-hand point which peels down the line offering a perfect open workable face for big carving turns or hunt out the inside barrels. On the inside look out for Toytown Lefts, an intermediate and longboard-friendly peeling left located deep in the Bay of Plenty which starts to work on larger swells. You can cruise down the line or hit the lip over and over again.


JOYSTICK  / BAY OF PLENTY RIGHTS: – A super fun right-hand peak which produces a perfect barrel on the take-off going into a nice wall for some turns. If you have enough speed you can link up into the inside bowl for a second tube. The Indicator also goes off on its day, as you can see in the pic.

BABI / THE PIG: A deep water right-hand break exposed to all possible swell. Rarely below head-high and will give you some exhilarating drops and big open faces – a poor man’s Sunset. We also check Migila’s on the inside, which has a short perfect barrel on take-off and peels off slowly to the beach.

LIZARDS NEST: Fickle, extremely sensitive to swell direction and rarely surfed but if the conditions come together you will experience one of the best right-handers in Indonesia. Known to produce a magic 10+-second barrel and any of those who have seen or surfed it are simply awe-struck!

There are also a number of other breaks in the region and some still being discovered!