crusty surf banyak
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“if u get the opportunity to take a boat trip? This company is insane! Great food, great crew and caters to all your needs.

Since 2011 I’ve done 9 trips with surfbanyak everyone is always fun, meeting new people, exchanging waves with each other and enjoying great stories with each other after epic surf sessions. I’ve almost surfed every wave there but have a few still to conquer, the etiquette in the water is also a plus everyone from all boats are very respectful and it all makes for everyone to enjoy there time there. By far I enjoy treasure island the right when it’s on, you can get 3-4 tubes on one wave if u know how it works.


Jay Parnell (AKA, Crusty)
California, USA
kingy surf banyak
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“Having been fortunate enough to travel on the Seriti in November of 2017, I would thoroughly recommend the experience to any potential travellers. The crew on board the charter were friendly, helpful, optimistic and fun at all times throughout our journey, further enhancing the experience. The on board chef, Sam freshly prepares outstanding meals from a range of cuisines throughout the day, which after a big day of surfing really hit the mark! Without any hesitation, I whole heartedly endorse Banyak Surf Tours.”

Redhead NSW
thornton fallander surf banyak
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“All I can say about the trip{ experience} is, the boat is fantastic , food really nice, a real good act they have. You are on the edge of the earth though, a great experience I whole heartedly recommend The Seriti for anyone interested in a Banyak Island experience.

Well you could call me lucky perhaps? I haven’t had a bad trip out of 5, it is about the waves, you can expect 8 feet max for the premium conditions, 6 feet is even better. It can get thick in the Banyak’s, Treasures is a world class right hander it is like surfing good Burliegh heads, this is possible the premier wave out there? The Bay of Plenty, is a another incredible bay with 3 waves in it, all fantastic reefs, and there are other waves out there!”

Thornton Fallander
north coast NSW
peter hansen surf banyak
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“Anyone looking at booking with Surfbanyak. DO IT NOW. I have been on two trips with a group of mates. Both trips awesome !

July 2016 trip, got to surf Treasures at 4-6 perfection with just my son Jack and my best mate. Absolutely Priceless 2hrs, one of the best days of my life.

Sept 2017, we didn’t get Treasures as good, but we scored at Bay of Plenty. Joysticks and Clarets were consistent and very, very good.

Our group are mainly all on the wrong side of 50, closer to 60. Yeh we ate shit a few times, lost a little bit of skin, but nothing drastic. The crew are expert at looking after cuts and grazes.

The Surfbanyak Crew
From booking with Mat.
The assistance and board storage at Medan airport. (So good)
Transport to and from accommodation and airports.
To Suzuki (Captain) and the fantastic crew. Just trust Suzuki, he will put on the best waves. And the crew can’t do enough for you.
Food is fantastic
Beer is cold and as Bewsy would say “delicious”

So get a group of mates together and go. We waited way to long, on my first trip I was 57, should have started years ago.
Better yet, take your son or daughter as well, that made my 2016 trip an experience that money can’t buy.

Naturally we spoke to other surfers about their experiences.
From their feedback it seems you can’t do much better than book with Surfbanyak.”

Peter Hansen
Victoria, Australia
aylana zanville surf banyak
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“My surf adventure to the Banyaks on the Seriti was epic! The crew & captain were on it and we scored world class waves for days. I traveled alone and I felt super comfortable on a boat full of guys.

Unfortunately I got my fin to my eye halfway into the trip and I needed to get evacuated asap. The crew & guests were amazing. They cleaned me up and took really good care of me. On my journey back to Singapore, the Seriti had people picking me up and helping me every step of the way. I am so grateful for how organized they were. They were professional and ready for anything.

I can’t wait to go back in September and have a complete trip with out any emergency evacuations. I’ve got 10 of my friends to join me this time & I hope to return in 2019 as well. ”

Aylana Zanville
Santa Cruz, USA