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Lizard’s Nest

Extremely sensitive to swell direction and rarely surfed but if the conditions come together you will experience one of the best right-handers in Indonesia. Known to produce a magic 10+-second barrel and any of those who have seen or surfed it are simply awe-struck!  If you catch this wave on your trip you are one of a handful of the happiest people on earth!


Hear it from our happy surfers!

“This was my first international surf trip and all I can say is wow! Great waves, unreal food, and awesome service. Mahalo to the crew, I’ll be back for sure!”

Richard, Hawaii

“The crew on board the charter were friendly, helpful, optimistic and fun at all times throughout our journey, further enhancing the experience.”

Kingy, Redhead NSW

“My surf adventure to the Banyaks on the Seriti was epic! The crew & captain were on it and we scored world class waves for days.”

Aylana, Santa Cruz, USA