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Surf Banyak is a charter company and not a full travel agency, and usually our guests book their own flights and accommodation for travel to the Seriti. However, many of our guests know all the value an experienced agent brings to booking travel. We are pleased to partner with Helloworld Geelong Market Square as our preferred Travel Specialist if you are looking for someone to handle the whole package for you.

Maxine at Helloworld

Maxine at Helloworld has been a Travel Manager for over 19 years working in Retail Travel and Corporate Travel specialising in group bookings. She has a wealth of travel knowledge and can make sure all our clients’ travel is secure and clients reach their destination and back home again without hassle. Maxine’s experience and teamwork with Surfbanyak means there is an easy flow of information should there be any changes to your schedule.

Maxine can assist you in booking your flights, accommodation & insurance, your travel needs can be tailored to suit you.

For your travel bookings please contact:

Maxine Leske, Manager/Owner

Helloworld Geelong Market Square
109 Moorabool street, Geelong
VIC 3220