Score the perfect uncrowded barrels that you haven’t been getting at home! The
Banyak Islands are one of the last surf frontiers of Indonesia.

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Just north of Nias, the islands of Bangkaru (“Treasure Island”) and Tuangku (home of
the “Bay of Plenty”) hold a number of world-class waves and there is still more exploring
going on. There are left and right-handers ranging from long deep barrels, fast and
hollow down-the-line peelers, perfect peaks to long cruising walls with plenty of time to
rip the faces apart. You’re likely to get more great waves on the trip than in months of
surfing at home. Because the Banyaks are right at the equator, the November-March
“off-season” provides quality waves when the lower latitudes are blown out by trade

Uncrowded tubes, plenty of waves, untouched natural rainforest, wildlife, epic Sumatran
sunsets, remote islands and warm tropical waters await you. You can also go fishing,
snorkelling, spearfishing, or jungle-trekking — no mass tourism here, just fun and
adventure in a comfortable, air-conditioned motor yacht.

Check some photos, find out about our boat charters on the Surf Banyak II – Seriti or
The Dream, learn more about the surf (including the seasonal conditions) and then
contact us to secure your place. It’s the adventure of a lifetime in one of the last untouched
surfing destinations!